Letter to the Republican Party and Fox News about Honesty, Integrity and Trust

“Why am I writing this letter to the Republican Party and Fox News?” you ask. I am writing this letter, because both have spread lies to the entire nation stating that Trump won the election and that there was election fraud, as if that were a harmless thing to do. Is this an issue of party? NO! This is about honesty, integrity and trust. I am addressing the Republican Party, because it is the party to which the Insurrectionists belong and the party of Fox “News”. It is their mess to clean up. Trump is still making those statements as of today February 2, 2021. There are no facts or evidence to back this assertion as evidenced by the over fifty lawsuits filed by Trump and Republican leadership that could show no evidence and failed. I am reminded of the story of a pastor, who had a large congregation. One of the congregants, for malicious reasons of his own, began to spread rumors, which were lies that the pastor was having an affair with a congregant. As a result the number of members of the church dwindled to half of what they were before, and the pastor’s wife was suing him for divorce. The liar began to feel remorse as he saw the consequences of what he had done. He came to the pastor and said, “I am the one, who spread these awful rumors. I feel terrible about it. What can I do to make this up to you and pay for my sins?” The pastor responded, “Well, first take a pillow from your bed, go outside, and spread the feathers to the wind, then come back and see me tomorrow.” The congregant did not understand this strange request, but he did what the pastor asked and returned the next day. He asked, “I have done as you asked. I don’t understand. Is there something else you want me to do?” The pastor responded, “Yes, now go out and gather all of the feathers you have released to the wind and bring them back to me.”

Once the Trust has been broken, it cannot ever again be what it was. The relationship, as it was, is lost entirely. Republicans, you and your co-conspirators in this insurrection (Donald Trump, Josh Hawley, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and others including the “Mob”, the insurrectionists), to whom you told a very terrible lie, believed you, acted on your lie and violated and defiled Our Capitol, costing at least five lives not to mention the many that may have now already died with Covid, because so many of them were not wearing masks as instructed by your administration. Those of you, who are in office, broke the Sacred Trust you swore to when you took your oath of office by standing by and saying nothing to correct the lies and doing nothing to protect our republic. Just like the trust the church had in their pastor was undermined by lies, your lies undermined the trust in the Greatest Nation the World has known, and the consequence to you and all of us is that the very basis of our belief system has been undermined, not just in our country but the world over. Now, the racist right-wing “Mob”, to whom you told this lie, still believes the lie you told and will continue to believe it until you retract it and tell them that you lied to them and help them come to terms with having lost the election. If they continue to believe this lie, nothing has changed, and we cannot move on. As long as any one of you persists with this lie, our Democracy may not survive it. We may have another insurrection, the blame for which will be squarely on your heads. You have done the irreversible just like the member of the above pastor’s congregation.

There is another matter and that is your accountability. Because you have lied to the public and with full intent tried to overthrow the federal government by these means, it certainly qualifies as sedition and treason. If convicted, you are fortunate, in that the death penalty for treason was abolished in 1998, but I consider it your misfortune to serve life in prison where you can think about what you have done for the rest of your lives. Jeffrey Epstein was fortunate, because he was murdered or maybe killed himself to avoid such a reckoning. I hope that those of you, who are guilty, are arrested, tried and all get life in prison. I suggest you take a lesson from Mitch McConnell and begin to face reality even though you have almost ruined this country with your racist and bigoted views.

Racism seems to be the underlying issue for most of you. How are you going to enter the future with the majority of the population becoming people of color? You continue trying to keep them from voting. Voter suppression will not work indefinitely. You could just move out of the country. You may have to if you do not want to get arrested. What would life be like in another country? You isolationists probably have never been outside of the USA. It is a beautiful world out there that you may never see or get to enjoy. Have you ever seen the pyramids or the Alps? Do you speak any language other than English? When I lived in Germany it was such a pleasure to learn German and learn about another culture. Isolationists just hide in their own little worlds. Maybe you are just not courageous enough to learn a foreign language.

My point is if you dislike the many colors of the human race, you have very little to look forward to. Think about how you are going to live with so many of us you just do not like and that you are too close-minded to even try getting to know us. Are you going to keep living in little suburban communities with vigilantes to protect yourselves? You seem to be too afraid to live without guns. It is cowardly to carry weapons around unarmed peace-loving people, intimidating them to get your way. You strut around with guns with an air of power that you do not have. Are you too afraid to protest without carrying guns? If you do not like it here, you can leave. Go away. Your presence is not helping anyone nor could it possibly be pleasing to Christ and God, Whom you profess to love. How is anything you have done or not done Christian? If what you believe in is true, then you have a grave reckoning in the afterlife. How can you possibly reconcile it with your belief system?



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Raphael Klarfeld

I am a retired psychiatrist with a liberal attitude about the political direction the US should take in most all aspects of government.